14 Mar

palmboom, dromen, kinderdromen, cartoon, tekening, zee, Belgische kust

palm tree, cartoon, dreams, big dreams, childhood dreams,when I grow up


And now…you tell ME something sweet…

9 Dec

“And now…you tell ME something sweet…”

griezel, lieve woordjes, creep, sweet words, love, courting, hof maken

De dingen zoals ze zijn

8 Nov

Unfortunately I don’t know how to translate this in English.

liefde, waarheid, diner, etentje, frank, eerlijkheid



We better stay friends

29 May

An animated Partanus cartoon:

You have to look for what you want in the right place

14 May

The first picture of my self-help book, said the voice in my head (the ambitious one).

vase, looking for happiness, finding what you want, obstruction

One night in the hostel

8 May

Nederlands, klik hier.

jeugdherberg, slaap stoornis, sexsomnia, slaap seks, slaapzaal,

You don’t want to have dodgy people in the dorm!

hostel, sex, sexsomnia, sleep disorder, dorm


5 May

We are back.


transformation, bra, hypnosis


heteroseksueel, bh, hypnose




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